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Five Ideal Cruise Destinations

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

A cruise is one of the most efficient and economical method of travelling to and enjoying the attractions of multiple destinations. Choosing the destinations to go during a cruise depends on what you are looking do during your vacation. Here are my five choices for a memorable cruise experience:

  1. Western Caribbean – This would be destination for a family cruise. With destinations like Jamaica, Belize and Roatan apart from the beautiful sunny beaches offers several activities such as zip-lining, snorkel diving, nature sight seeing and adventure parks that will keep the family happy.

  2. The Bahamas – Also a great destination for the family with destinations such as Coco Cays and Atlantis resorts with their all-inclusive water parks and fantastic beaches.

  3. European River Cruise – If your desire is to have an experience with a blend of contemporary and historical cultures mixed along with fine wine and excellent cuisine, then this is the cruise for you. A river cruise along the Rhine will certainly satisfy your desires.

  4. Alaska - For breath-taking sights of glaciers, wilderness and wildlife, a cruise to Alaska is the best choice for scenic vacation.

  5. Eastern Mediterranean – The perfect destination for a historical tour. The Eastern Mediterranean with its architecture and ruins from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine empires offer the ideal package that will gratify your historical cravings.

Do you have an ideal cruise destination that is not listed here? Add it to the comments below.

Sailing on the Ocean to my dream destination

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