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15 Ways To Stretch Your Travel Dollar

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Planning the next dream vacation

There are ways to reduce costs during travel that does not necessarily compromise on the quality of your vacation. Here are 15 suggestions that can make your travel dollar stretch further:

1. Allow Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun to arrange your trip. Travel Consultants have information and access to deals and bargains that you will not have. They are also the best source of information for your destination.

2. Travel with a group if possible. There may be some reservations in doing this but the discounts that are usually applied to group rates can make you have significant savings. Most of the time travel is more fun in a group.

3. Book your flight in advance. Usually the earlier you book the cheaper the airfare.

4. With airline cost for luggage, pack and carry only essential items and clothes. Limit luggage to one per person and keep it within the weight limit. It helps to have a checklist.

5. Choose connecting flights; they may be a little more demanding but workout less expensive.

6. Travel mid-week instead of weekends usually the cost is lower.

7. Use the option of a bed and breakfast, instead of branded hotels when possible. However, this depends on the security of the destination you are visiting, so consult your travel agent when using this option.

8. Familiarize yourself with local restaurants and avoid having meals especially breakfast at the hotel. Usually there are better quality meals at lower cost available at local restaurants.

9. Eat heavier during breakfast and lunch with light dinners. The cost for breakfast and lunch are typically less expensive than dinners and this practice is better for your health.

10. Go on free or low-cost tours especially in larger cities. Plan these tours carefully using secure routes, reputable tour guides and at recommended hours.

11. Stay at locations that are close to or at walking distance to the points of interest. If convenient and secure use local public transportation especially in larger metropolitan cities. This will require you to familiarize yourself with how the system operates and the different routes. Your travel consultant and, apps like Curb, Eurail and Lyft can assist you with this. Avoid using taxis and local welcome transportation.

12. If travelling by train in countries like Japan, Australia and those in Europe it is much cheaper to book your travel two weeks or more in advance. Also using a rail pass can reduce the cost of travel by up to 70%.

13. If you are using a car rental avoid one-way trips (that is pick up and drop off are at different locations) this is usually more costly. Also try to rent the smallest car that is suitable for you.

14. Travel during the low or shoulder season when the cost is lower. This of course will depend on the type of adventure you want and the climatic conditions of the destination.

15. Do bundle packages (airfare, accommodations and transport) when you travel. Travel and tour operators will offer discounts and incentives (such as free meals) with these types of packages.

I hope you found these tips useful and remember always consult your Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun consultant for your group adventures and Over The Top Travel LLC to plan and book your dream vacation.

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