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The upsides of not traveling in 2020

Who doesn't love to travel? We all do love to travel but are now forced to quarantine or limit our travel if it’s not an emergency due to Covid-19. Our realities shifted slowly at first, and before we knew it, the coronavirus took over completely. Most of us, if not all, had their travel plans disrupted this year. Some were forced to cancel or rescheduled while some were able to make it before things started to shut down. Nonetheless, I am sure you are still making plans to go somewhere just to get away from being in the house for more than seven months.

We have been on lock-down for so long it feels strange. Not going to the airport, visits to our friends, not spending that quality social life engaging with friends and family has also been hard. But until it’s safe to mingle again, we must do what's right and wear our protective mask and continue to social distance.

Some of the upsides of not traveling for 2020:

  1. People were able to pay off debts

  2. Making plans for trips they have never thought of taking

  3. Took travel now as part of their social life due to the lock-down

  4. People are now more concern about their health and surroundings

  5. Cleaning and sanitizing more

  6. Avoiding crowded places

  7. Learning how much the airlines could have done before the pandemic

  8. The opportunity to researched destinations closure to home

  9. Some thing taken for granted are now treated as a priority

  10. Spending quality time with members of your household

The wound inflicted by the pandemic on the travel is deep, and it hasn’t stopped bleeding yet. However, on the flip side, we all know travel will return, but it will never be the same.

Until you travel again, remember to social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands often.

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