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Don't Get on a Cruise Ship Without These Essentials

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Take your cruise vacation from good to great by packing a few essentials.

Don't leave the port without these must-haves in your bag. (Hint: anti-nausea medicine is very necessary.)

Antibacterial Wipes- Keep your stateroom clean.

Powerstrip - All those gadgets and cell phones will need to be charge.

Wines- Save money and bring your own..Remember to consult with your cruise line.

Instant Coffee and Teas - So easy to take onboard and you will have your favorite with you.

Water Bottles - Make sure everyone takes a water bottle to keep hydrated. Don't forget to wash your hands often.

Motion Sickness Tablets- They will come in handy.

Ginger Sweets - Nothing like some good ole ginger candy to help with any nausea.

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