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A VIP Airport Experience- worth breaking the bank

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

The Private Suite at LAX gives clients the royal treatment

By Michelle Martin


Anyone who has ever traveled through a major airport knows what the pain points are. Traffic, parking, long lines to check-in, security screenings and the waiting game, oftentimes peppered by delays and cancellations. Enter The Private Suite at LAX. Providing a service usually reserved for celebrities and heads of state, anyone can become a member of The Private Suite (for a pretty penny).

A private terminal located on airport property, The Private Suite experience is akin to checking into a luxury hotel, complete with valet service and baggage handling. With 8 staff allocated to each member, the airport experience is condensed from 2200 steps down to 70, from the moment you get out of your car to when you step onto the plane. The team parks (and washes) your car onsite and manages your airline and baggage check-in while you relax in one of 10 suites that is fully stocked with food, drinks, toys, toiletries and a self-serve candy dispenser to boot. Meals can be ordered in advance and delivered promptly upon your arrival and when it’s time to board your flight, you’re driven in a luxury sedan across the tarmac where you are the first to board the plane.

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