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5 Simple Things You Should Do For A Great Week

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

It’s easy to let Sundays be really lazy and relaxed, but it can actually be a great day to get a ton of things done and make the start of the week that much more motivating.

Seizing time is crucial to achieving success and growth, so you might consider setting aside part of Sunday to prepare for what lies ahead. Rest is also important to recharge, so here we leave you a list of 10 things that you can easily do on Sunday to have a productive week and that also leaves you hours for a little laziness.

1. Delete files from your computer and phone

I like to do this every week because it prevents my devices from getting cluttered with unnecessary files. Every week I download memes, photos from Pinterest, screenshots of things I want to buy from Amazon. And honestly, if I let all of those things on my phone, I would have 20,000 photos in 3 months. On the computer, I like to delete unnecessary installers, files that will not be of any use to me, and many things I am downloading from my download folder.


I keep my devices fast and with enough storage. Deleting junk files helps your devices work better. I eliminate things that I don’t need anymore, like a grocery list from a month ago.

I can find important files faster. When I don’t have a lot of unnecessary photos in the gallery, then it’s easier to find the important files.

2. Write a list of goals for the week

This is one of the most important things I do on Sundays because it helps me visualize what I want to achieve for the coming week. In this way, I know what are the important tasks that I must do in the week, what can I left for the other week, and what I must do to achieve my goals. This has helped me a lot to prioritize the things that I have to do, and I can organize the tasks so that it does not cause me any stress or anxiety.


Prioritize the important things you should do in the week.

Organize your time more efficiently. When you have a to-do list, you can organize your time better in the week according to your tasks. Makes planning easy. When you have a clear list of what you want to achieve, then you can plan easier so that your goals can be achieved.

With practice, you will learn to identify those tasks that do not deserve your time because there will always be more important and rewarding things to do.

3. Create a shopping and meal plan

Think about which meals you will make each day of the week and organize the ingredient purchases for them. Planning what to cook on the same day, every day can be exhausting.

You may also be lazy to plan all this on Sunday, but there are places, online grocery stores that sell you the ingredients for each meal, so it would only be to make the lists and order them. If you always eat out, it is also not a waste of time to review and write what kind of food you will eat each day, planning a healthy diet and writing the places where you will eat.


I have saved a lot of money on unnecessary things when I plan exactly what I want to buy for the week. This way I am only buying what I really need. It can even help you eat healthier. When you plan your meals, you have plenty of time to choose what is best for you. You don’t have to do emergency shopping because some ingredients ran out. When you make a list on Sundays of what you want, it gives you enough time to know what you have at home.

4. Self-Care routine

Rest and disconnect is an important part of productivity. Believe it or not, having a day dedicated to concentrating helps you get your batteries ready for a new week to come.

That’s why on Sundays I dedicate an hour to personal care, be it a massage, washing my hair, face masks, and resting listening to music with a glass of excellent wine.


Allows you to rest from stress. Spending an hour or even 30 minutes doing something you love will give you a break from reality and the stress. It helps you calm your mind and restart after a week full of activities. Taking care of yourself is an important part of building resilience, or bouncing back from anxiety, trauma, and burnout. Helps you improve your self-esteem.

5. Reflect on your goals achieved this week

This is one of the most important things I love to do on Sundays. I think it is very important to see what you have achieved in the past week. This way you can see what you should change, what you should continue to do, and what strategies are definitely not working.

Reviewing everything I did in the week I have realized many things, especially what I must change to continue growing.


Visualize your weak points in the previous week. Create a better strategy to complete your goals for the next week. Learn more deeply by viewing situations from a fresh perspective.

Helps you learn from your mistakes. Self-assessment helps you learn what things you were doing wrong and creates a plan not to do them again. Helps you have good ideas. Since reviewing what things you have done last week, it can give you an idea of what you can do to be better in the next week.

Final thoughts

Sundays do not have to be inactive. Rest is important, but if you can use your time to reflect and advance things in the week that help you in productivity from the comfort of your bed, then it is worth a try. These tips have helped me have a more productive week, I don’t even have to get up on Monday without knowing what to do.

Credits to Desiree Peralta

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