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Downunder Discover Australia

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

A land depicting diverse cultural riches, lively art scene, and enveloped by stunning beaches at every corner, Australia is a country that is bound to be on every wanderlust's bucket list. It's deeper than the deep blue waters; exotic wildlife, enchanting natural wonders, and magnificent laneways can send your senses reeling while electrifying your mind. Australia is a multicultural land with an eclectic fusion of Asian and Aboriginal inspirations with its different geographies.

Sydney -Beautiful Australia

Offering a medley of energy-stimulating and adrenaline-boosting activities and a chance to connect with nature, Australia is vied by globetrotters and trailblazers alike. The land is also a foodie's dream spot. Its palatable and delicious cuisine has brought it on the radar of universally acknowledged chefs. With its elite quality of existence and its welcoming people, this remote yet exceedingly developed country delivers a travel encounter that is one in a million regardless of age, taste, or budget.

Geographical Area

Australia encompasses a land area of 7.692 square kilometers. It is the sixth-largest country globally, followed by Russia, Canada, China, the USA, and Brazil. It is also among the most prominent six nations encircled by water completely.


Australia Climate Zones

Australia is the driest continent of all, with 20 percent of its landmass categorized as desert. The average annual rainfall is deficient, especially in the vast arid nucleus of the continent. However, the tropical and coastal areas experience a high rainfall pattern annually. The climatic zones dispersed along the continent oscillate between deserts, tropical rainforests, and cooler climates to snow-covered peaks.


73% of the Aussies speak English, while the other 4% of the population speak Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese. Less than 1% of the population speaks Australian indigenous languages.


Australia is one of the primary exporters of agricultural products like beef, fruits, wool, and wheat. The country is affluent in metals and minerals and is deemed the fourth-largest gold manufacturer.


Western culture flourishes in Australia, which stemmed initially from the British people. The European culture was also prompted by the exceptional geographical alignment of Australia and the cultural contribution of Aboriginals, Torres Strait Islanders, and other Aussies.

The Founding of Australia by Royal Navy Captain Arthur Phillip in Sydney Cove, January 26, 1788. Painting by Algernon Talmadge
Royal Navy Captain Arthur Phillip

Short History

About 40,000 years ago, Australia was inhabited by Aboriginal people. Later the land of Australia was mapped by many countries but was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770, who named it New South Wales. A penal colony was established in Sydney in 1788 by Captain Arthur Philip, where the settlers were criminals. Britain would also deport their criminals to this penal colony instead of sending them to jail. Gradually, the settlement expanded, and the settlers hailing from the community were not all prisoners. Six colonies developed in different regions, later known as Australian Commonwealth states.

Meat Pies


Enjoying a wide variety of climates, there is nothing that doesn't grow in the land of Australia, and there's hardly a cuisine that is not covered on the menu. Australians love to celebrate their occasions with variations in their gourmet scene.

The seas encompassing Australia proffer an abundance of premium seafood. At the same time, the bountiful cattle production makes beef, lamb, and even kangaroo a core part of the Australian menu. Aussies also employ traditional wild foods in their recipes and take pride in integrating fresh produce into their diet all year long.

Popular Destinations

Australia is home to a plethora of vibrant and kinetic cities brimming with must-see attractions. Some of the cities you can't miss when traveling to Australia are


Sydney Australia

The crowning jewel of Australia, Sydney, with its prime and exclusive aura, is one of the most visited places in Australia. Sydney boasts of postcard-worthy landmarks like Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House, which are the most recognizable markers in the world. Besides these monumental attractions, Sydney is also home to notable surf beaches, top-drawer entertainment venues, and a scintillating harbor. And while there are enough iconic landmarks strewn that depict a cultural depth, places like Bondi Icebergs and Royal Botanic Gardens are a haven of enchantment for history buffs.

The Blue Mountains National Park, just outside the city, is one of the most popular spots. Visitors can partake in action-dashed pursuits like mountain climbing, biking, hiking, and abseiling for adventure-seekers. The blue escarpment over the mountains and the Three Sisters rock formation make this park one of the fantastic places to visit in Sydney.


Melbourne- Australia

Deemed to be the second most striking and elegant cosmopolitan city in Australia, Melbourne is acclaimed and celebrated for its captivating buzz, gourmet food scene, European vibe, and flourishing art scene. It is a city epitomized by its sporting arenas, amongst which the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the most notable marker recognizable worldwide. Melbourne is also known to host top-tier World Championship Series like Formula 1 Grand Prix and tennis and football championships.

Although it's not as flashy as its counterpart Sydney, the vibrant cultural milieu and the numerous art galleries make it one of the most visited cities in Australia. Melbourne is dotted with significant landmarks, amongst which Philip Island is home to thousands of penguins. The Great Ocean Road trip cannot be missed.



For adrenaline junkies and nature-lovers, Cairns is a paradise laden with epic exploring domains like the Daintree rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation, and the Atherton Tablelands. These destinations enable the visitors to partake in action-fueled endeavors like bungee-jumping, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and rainforest hiking.

Surrounded by wetlands and rainforests, Cairns is also distinguished for its imperial swimming lagoon in Cairn's Esplanade, Pier Boardwalk, which houses high-end restaurants, and Kuranda Scenic Railway, where visitors can spot platypus and crocodiles.

Whether you want to skim through the ocean floor or ride in a helicopter, the scenic panorama of Cairns will uplift your mind and soul and grant you an unforgettable travel experience.

Ready To Explore Australia?

While Sydney and Melbourne usually steal the spotlight and are universally acknowledged for their iconic landmarks, the lesser-known cities also host enchanting and mesmerizing treasures that have quintessential destinations with a wow factor. Australia's vibrant cities let you discover a whole new world with tropical and paradisiacal beach ways and waterfronts, divergent yet energetic cultural scenes, and breathtaking landscapes.

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