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Egypt 2023

Let's Journey The World Together

Our Mission

At McXotic Tours, our mission is to redefine the travel experience by curating exclusive group journeys that seamlessly blend luxury, authenticity, and cultural immersion. We aspire to be a beacon for discerning travelers, offering meticulously designed itineraries that unveil the world's hidden gems while ensuring the utmost comfort and personalized service.


Committed to sustainability and community engagement, we strive to leave a positive impact on the destinations we explore. Our goal is to create memories that transcend the ordinary, fostering a global community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for extraordinary travel.


McXotic Tours is dedicated to transforming each journey into a transformative and unparalleled adventure, where every moment is an opportunity for discovery and connection."

Grand Hyatt Bali

Who Are We?

As an accredited and registered company based in the State of Florida, we have been catering to the public since 2019 and boast 25 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Distinguishing ourselves from others, our commitment is unwavering – we consistently craft exceptional experiences for our clients through the perspective of travel. Our goal is to guarantee an elevated standard of contentment, comfort, and relaxation for our travelers.

What You Can Expect

  • Local guides will always host our tours

  • Our groups are small and intimate 12- 18 Guests except for Caribbean tours

  • Organized tours and activities and some included meals

  • Free time to get things done on your own

  • 100% guaranteed departures: once you book, you’re going

  • Our roommate match program, will match you up with a roommate of the same gender unless you opt for a single paid space

  • Incredible value at affordable price

  • 100% Guaranteed Good Vibes

We Travel Not To Escape Life  But for Life  Not To   Escape Us

Our Growth

Committed to your satisfaction, we uphold elevated standards in how we serve our guests. Our utmost effort is dedicated to tailoring tour packages that align with and cater to your budget for every journey, ensuring a meticulous selection that reflects excellence and represents the very best. Our overarching goal is to integrate value-added features into all our group adventures.


We exclusively engage with well-established suppliers and local guides, emphasizing quality in every aspect of our tours. Curated by us, your travel experiences come with the added assurance of a dedicated tour concierge always onboard. As a McXotic Tours traveler, the exceptional benefits commence right from your inaugural journey with us!

Egypt 2023

8 Reasons To Book With Us

8 Reasons to Book

Our Group Journey Includes

Group Journey Includes

McXotic Tours Offers

Tours Offer


For every destination on your wishlist, McXotic Tours presents an extensive array of packages to peruse. Through years of fostering strategic partnerships with chartered guide and tour companies, we provide our members with a diverse range of tour options, empowering them to choose experiences that align with their preferences. Your satisfaction is our primary objective, and we aim to ensure a truly memorable journey for you.


All aboard for the adventure of a lifetime! This is the perfect opportunity to explore incredible destinations without straining your budget. Treat yourself without hesitation and get ready to embark on the time of your life! Explore our list of destinations, make a reservation, share the excitement with friends, and earn rewards while spreading the word.

Sea View

Referrals & Travel Points

If you're aware of someone who might find our tours interesting, encourage them to book a tour, and you'll earn 50 travel points for each paid traveler. Ensure to provide the full name of your referred guest for the points to be credited to your account. Please note that repeat travelers won't qualify as new travelers. Additionally, you'll automatically receive 50 points upon signing up on our website.

Solo Travelers & Roommates

While we will make every effort to match you with a roommate, we cannot guarantee it. Join our Facebook group as a member to connect with fellow travelers if you are in search of a roommate. This platform provides opportunities to learn about each other's preferences, helping you identify the right match for potential room-sharing. Please note that we only permit same-sex roommates in the same room, preferably within similar age groups and both being non-smokers. If you smoke, it is essential to inform us before the pairing process. We strongly advise smokers or those with unique sleep habits to consider single occupancy or pair with a guest sharing similar preferences.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

It is strongly advised to consider Travel Cancellation Insurance due to the vendors' stringent cancellation policies. For optimal coverage, we recommend purchasing travel insurance no later than the final payment date and ideally within 24-72 hours after your reservation is confirmed. This notification serves to ensure your awareness of all cancellation penalties and emphasizes that travel insurance is available for purchase up until the final payment (but before the penalty start date). This insurance provides protection against various issues, including unforeseen medical reasons. For Travel Insurance quotes or assistance, please contact us at 470-642-9336, email, or click on the link provided below  (helpful links).

How To Cancel A Reservation

All cancellations must be done using the cancellation link. Please complete the cancellation form and submit. Please do not call to cancel. Travelers of booked and confirmed tours are required to purchase travel insurance to protect their travel investment. There will be no refunds for cancellations made outside of the given time.   We reserve the right to cancel any tour due to unforeseen circumstances, at which time any deposits paid will refund at 100%. A cancelled trip means it will no longer take place.

Helpful Hints
Maldives Vibes Only

We are ready to let you explore your dreams and experience the time of your life 

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