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Roommate Matching

We Will Do Our Best To Match You Up!!


Saving you that extra out of pocket expense is one of the main reasons we suggest having a roommate for our travel experiences. Not only will you be saving on getting a single occupant room but you will leave with a sister friendship to last forever.

Before booking a reservation, please advise if you will require a roommate. We recommend that you become a member of our Facebook group to learn of anyone who may be looking for a roommate for the same trip. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about each other and their likes and dislikes. This allows you to determine who may be the right fit for you to pair up with. We will only allow same sex roommates, preferably within the same age group and non-smokers. Smokers are allowed but must be advised prior to paring. We strongly recommend smokers and members with unusual sleep habits to opt for a single occupancy or pair with a guest of the same.

Booking a double room occupancy does not guarantee you a roommate unless you have a roommate who will be booking after you or you have emailed us to pair you up. Roommate pairing is not guaranteed, and guests should be prepared to opt for single occupancy if not paired. You will be required to answer a few short questions to help us pair you with a match. Only guests who have paid a deposit will be paired.

We recommend our travelers make a few contacts prior to the date of departures. Guests who are booked will have private access to our onsite member’s forum and via WhatsApp 470-642-9336 for social interaction. A WhatsApp group chat for each journey will be formed at least 45 days before departure.

Roommates are responsible for making contact after pairing. We will email and provide details for each pair.

McXotic Tours is not responsible for unruly behavior although its strongly prohibited. Only guest who have paid a deposit will be paired. Roommate pairing is not guaranteed and, in the event, you are unable to locate a roommate you will be paired with one upon availability. The money spent on a single room could be spent on attractions and or souvenirs from your journeys, and to add, single occupancy is priced significantly higher, hence we recommend choosing a double occupant room.

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