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McXotic Tours is a dynamic and rapidly expanding travel company specializing in curating exclusive group travel experiences around the world. Committed to authenticity, we meticulously design our tours to offer unique and culturally immersive adventures. From handpicked accommodations that blend luxury with local charm to carefully crafted itineraries showcasing popular destinations.


McXotic Tours ensures that every journey is a memorable exploration. As a growing travel company, we pride ourselves on creating unparalleled experiences that cater to the discerning traveler, making us a trusted choice for those seeking a blend of comfort, authenticity, and adventure in their global explorations.

"We Have Not Been Everywhere But It's On Our List"

Jamaica Sunset
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Our Mission

At McXotic Tours, our mission is to redefine the travel experience by curating exclusive group journeys that seamlessly blend luxury, authenticity, and cultural immersion. We aspire to be a beacon for discerning travelers, offering meticulously designed itineraries that unveil the world's hidden gems while ensuring the utmost comfort and personalized service. Committed to sustainability and community engagement, we strive to leave a positive impact on the destinations we explore. Our goal is to create memories that transcend the ordinary, fostering a global community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for extraordinary travel. McXotic Tours is dedicated to transforming each journey into a transformative and unparalleled adventure, where every moment is an opportunity for discovery and connection.

McXotic Tours is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you and looks forward to being your host on our myriad adventures. Brace yourself for a vibrant journey alongside fellow travelers eager to explore the world in good company. We firmly believe that travel is a universal joy meant to be shared, and we're here to cater to the spontaneous, optimistic, and adventurous spirit within you. No more waiting on indecisive friends; seize the opportunity to prioritize your own enjoyment. Life is about embracing your experiences, and you can share your adventures later, inspiring friends and family to join you on your next exciting escapade.  

Nadine McLean in Bali

About The Founder

Nadine McLean, the owner and founder of McXotic Tours and Over The Top Travel LLC, is a married mother of two adult boys and an accomplished graduate of Florida International University with an MBA in Business & Finance. Formerly a Financial Analyst with The Coca-Cola Company.


Nadine's journey into hosting group tours began after enjoying successful trips with close friends and family. What started as a hobby evolved into a business she passionately loves. With over 25 years of travel experience, Nadine orchestrates diverse tours worldwide, including land, sea, and river cruises, as well as unique events. Her vision is to share the joy of exploration with others, emphasizing that traveling is more enjoyable in the company of fellow adventurers.


McXotic Tours aims to eliminate the complexities of travel planning, offering worry-free and luxurious experiences for those who crave the inspiration of global exploration.

Our Motto

"Live your best life doing and enjoying what you love the most. Time is limited, don't waste it doing nothing, Let's go see the world together and bring back sweet memories.”

Let's Go See The World 

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