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Kruger National Park

Did you know Kruger National Park is roughly the size of the State of New Jersey?

Bet you didn't know that, but hey you know now.

Going on a Safari is definitely the experience of a lifetime and in South Africa, there are a variety of game viewing options - on foot or by vehicle. I will be taking the vehicle for sure.

No matter which option you choose, the memories of life in the bush will stay with you forever.

From the most experienced, and I hang my hats off to them but a walking safari is more fascinating than from the vehicle. Again, I will remain in the vehicle. Seeing big animals from the security of a safari vehicle is thrilling , but it's nothing compared to standing on your own two feet, deep in the bush (yeah sure) and getting a close-up view of a black rhino or an elephant, giraffe, zebra, impala,- you get the picture right! Oh yes I get the picture from my seat in the vehicle. All walking Safari in South Africa are undertaken under the direct supervision of armed rangers and trackers. The most popular areas for wilderness trails are the game parks of KwaZulu-Natal and the Kruger National Park.



You can expect to find these not only at Kruger National Park but throughout other wildlife spots, but let me share a little about the "little five" as they are known as.

You should keep an eye out for these much smaller - though no less fascinating namesakes of the Big Five.

LION ANT - Not a member of the feline family but a large insect resembling a dragonfly.


Their attractively marked shells can reach

up to two feet in diameter.


A fairly large (about nine inches )

stout sparrow like bird.


A small insect eating rodent

with a long nose.


Among the largest of their kind, they can

carry up to 860 times their own weight.

Now that's some beetle.

Part of our journey to South Africa scheduled for October 23-31, 2021 will take us to the Shiduli Private Game Luxury Lodges where we will spend 3 nights/4 days nestled in luxury suites. We will experience daily game drives to see these exotic animals. You can't afford to miss this fascination trip. We will be exactly one hour from the Kruger National Park.

Beautiful Shiduli Private Game Luxury Lodge

Look forward to hosting you and a friend on our Journey to South Africa.

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