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Venture Into The Motherlands of Africa


Africa stands as the second largest continent in the world. It comprises an area of 30.37 million sq km. It is also the second most populated continent, with more than 1.2 billion population, after Asia. This multicultural continent features some of the oldest cultures and traditions in the world. Various tribes in remote areas have no direct connection with the world and still lead their lives according to their traditions. However, many modern and developed countries contribute a lot of resources to the world, such as South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Middle Eastern Countries, and many more.

If explored properly, Africa has some of the best and most unique wonders. The Nile River alone holds thousands of secrets that have not yet been discovered. It witnessed the reigns of many thrones, hundreds of civilizations, and bloodbaths. Egyptian Pyramids are just a small example of Africa's secrets.

According to a report by UN FAO, 22.7 percent area of Africa is forest, and 25 percent desert, home to 1100 common and rare species of mammals and over 2600 species of birds. However, they've only discovered figures. The Sahara Desert is the largest in the world, encompassing 8.5 million sq km. Congo Forest, situated in The Democratic Republic of Congo, is the second largest forest in the world after Amazon. Furthermore, sixty-three (63) rivers flow in Africa, encompassing 64 percent of the continent. The Nile, Congo, Niger, and Zambezi rivers are the largest rivers in Africa.

Apart from the on-land natural resources, Africa also has underground resources. North Africa is known for its natural oil reserves, Africa’s rivers and marshes are full of gemstones and tiny particles of different metals, including gold, and the mountains contain enormous amounts of copper, coal, iron, and magnet.
During the colonial period, most of its wealth was robbed by intruders. However, today, it seems they only took a portion of what this continent has. Gold mines, oil wells, marshes and rivers full of gemstones, natural wealth, the second largest rainforest, the mountains full of coals, and many more minerals are still found in this rich land of Africa.

With many natural wonders and unlimited resources, Africa stands as the prominent continent in the world and has so much to contribute. Yet, most of the destinations in Africa are still to be discovered. Today, Morocco, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Seychelles, Egypt, and UAE have some of the best-discovered tourist destinations in Africa.

However, if explored thoroughly, there are probably unseen breathtaking tourist spots waiting for the visitors. For example, most of the Congo Forest is still unexplored, hiding underneath the shadows of its trees. The Sahara Desert also has a similar situation. It remains unexplored to date. Nobody knows what resides inside the secret lands of this mysterious desert. Still, the discovered tourist spots in Africa are known for captivating the hearts of the visitors with their glamorous sceneries.

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